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Turn you or your friends and loved ones into a gory creature! Just send me the picture you want me to draw, and i’ll bring the hell out of it! You can choose between zombie, demon, vampire [for this make sure we see the teeth in the photo!] or let me arrange a monster for you! Perfect for weddings, birthdays, party invitations and very brave kids!

Pinofoto by frattozero

30€ for one person, +20€ for another person / more detailed background +10€ if you want a pet or a mid body image.
For a complete colored scene with one character and background the price start from €100 and increase depending on the difficulty. We can fix the price by e-mail. 

After you send me the photo you want me to draw on I'll present a rough sketch with the idea of monster, before starting the lineart process. After the sketch is fixed and the payment done I will work on the final artwork. When the work is done you will receive a digital high resolution image without watermarks. 
If there is a particular commission you want just ASK me, I am sure I will do it! 

PAYMENT: I accept just paypal. I will send you by e-mail the informations about my paypal account.


Thanks for your interest,
have a nice day!

Letyandreafoto by frattozero